4 Reasons To Choose Professional Dental Services

4 Reasons To Choose Professional Dental Services

When it comes time for your dental office to hire new staff members, there are some important Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance training rules that you must follow. OSHA is the federal agency that regulates workplace activities, while HIPAA requires all covered entities to protect patient health information while ensuring appropriate access to this information. When looking for ways to ensure OSHA and HIPAA compliance for dental offices, Professional Dental Services can simplify the process. Continue reading to learn how!

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Online Training Options

Get your entire staff on the same page with convenient training options. In-person training programs can cause some difficulties, so choose Professional Dental Services to get everything squared away without a hassle.

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Ensure Your Staff Is Certified

Without a certified staff, then you won’t be able to function as a true dental business. With the help of Professional Dental Services, you can keep your staff safe with comprehensive and cost-effective guidance.

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Verify Your Company Is Compliant

Feel confident in your business’s ability to pass inspections by both OSHA and HIPAA when the time comes. At Professional Dental Services, our training and certification courses are constantly updated to meet any new requirements from these administrations. Make sure you meet their standards by choosing Professional Dental Services.

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On-Site Staff Training

If you are in Northern Virginia, then we can come to your dental office and assist you with training and certification courses for HIPAA compliance and OSHA requirements. On top of this, we also can help your staff get hands-on training to make them CPR certified as well.

Make sure your dental office is at its best with a certified staff of professionals that are following all OSHA and HIPAA guidelines. To learn more, contact Professional Dental Services today!