OSHA Training

Professional OSHA Training for Dental Offices

OSHA compliance is mandatory in a dental office. If you feel your office needs an evaluation or additional OSHA training, Professional Dental Services can help. We’ll identify areas of concern, get your staff certified, and perform periodic reviews to ensure you maintain compliance. Contact us today to learn more.

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Avoid Common Violations and Prevent Accidents

Federal and state laws require dental offices to meet OSHA standards. If your office doesn’t, you could be subject to violations or penalties. And even worse, your patients or staff could end up getting hurt in a preventable accident!

That’s why Professional Dental Services provides dental OSHA training courses online or in person. We’ll train your staff onsite at your office or virtually, so you can finally and officially be OSHA compliant.

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Providing Comprehensive, Effective Training

Our OSHA training for dental offices is efficient, effective, and full of everything you and your staff need to know to meet OSHA standards.

  • Injury reporting, documentation, and maintenance.

  • Standard precautions, disinfection requirements, and PPE.

  • Bloodborne Pathogens.

  • Exposure Control.

  • Hazard Communication.

12 Months of Post-Training Support

Once you and your staff complete your OSHA dental training, you’ll receive a Certification from Professional Dental Services. During your first 12-months post-training, your dental office may contact us via email with any questions that arise. If legal updates are made that could affect your OSHA compliance, we will email them to your office up to a year after your training session.

Keep Your Patients and Staff Safe

Your dental office must meet OSHA standards to avoid violations, penalties, and business interruptions. However, it’s also critical for keeping your patients and staff safe. Our online or in-person OSHA training courses will ensure your office can pass OSHA inspections.

Contact Professional Dental Services today to learn more about our OSHA training and verify your office’s compliance today!