4 Reasons to Receive OSHA Training

4 Reasons to Receive OSHA Training

Employers and employees of any industry can benefit from the 10 and 30-hour training programs put in place by The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA training doesn’t just reduce workplace accidents — it makes employees more attractive on their resumes, saves businesses money, and helps keep employers more compliant with rules and regulations.

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OSHA Training Reduces Workplace Accidents

OSHA certification makes workers aware of their rights to a safe working environment, and encourages employees to report injury or illness. According to a 2009 study, formal safety and training programs have been shown to increase the rate at which employees report injury or illness, with marked declines in the number of injuries in certain occupations.

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It Looks Great on a Resume

For many workers, getting their OSHA certification can make them a more attractive candidate, especially in fields involving hazardous work. Employees who have OSHA training can become resources for other employees or their managers, and help design safety procedures and programs that are tailored to their specific occupation or industry.

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Training and Certification Can Save Employers Money

Whether it’s online OSHA training or in-person, having an OSHA certified employee at the company means employers don’t need to spend money on training programs, or pay to have an instructor teach their employees about occupational safety.

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OSHA Certification Keeps Employers More Compliant With Regulations

Businesses at all levels have to remain compliant with the standards set out by OSHA; not knowing the standards isn’t a valid excuse for skirting regulations. Failure to comply can result in penalties, fines, and even the cessation of business. An OSHA certified employee can advise managers and other employees on ways to stay compliant.

OSHA certification is important — it helps prevent workplace accidents, opens doors for employees, saves employers money, and helps companies stay compliant with regulations. Interested in getting your OSHA certification? Learn more!